Create components

Components are objects that can be used to compose a VR scene. There are several types of components: Camara’s, Backgrounds, portals, and 3D models

Camera components

The App provides different kinds of cameras, like walk, orbit, and look around. You cannot create your own cameras.

Background component

You can create background components from content in PNG, JPG, or MOV formats. These will result in 360° spherical backgrounds.

3D components

You can create 3D components from 3D objects linked to the App

Creating components is easy. Just select one linked item in the “Linked content” section. Wait for the model to load. Select the item to convert to a component and press the “Create Component” button.

Note: Some models can take some time to load. Just be patient and let the App do the work. The models will load much faster in the VR scene.

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