Terms of Use

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Term of Use
Date last update: 3 March 20
© 2016 Human Eye VR Solutions

1. Acceptance of Terms Through Use; Changes to Terms of Use

By using this VR Creator App produced by Human Eye VR Solutions you implicitly accept the terms of use. Human Eye VR Solutions reserves the right to change these terms. Please check the terms of use periodically. Continued use will confirm your acceptance of those changes.

2. Privacy

This App does not store personal data.

3. Sharing content

The VR Composer App enables you to share content from the App using e-mail. Human Eye VR Solutions will not be liable for any communication done from the App. You should not share content for which you do not own the right to do so. Human Eye VR Solutions will not be liable for any legal or other issues regarding shared content.

4. Linked content

The VR Composer App allows you to link content to the App. This link will break when the publisher of the content changes or removes this content. Human Eye VR Solutions will not be liable for any issues regarding broken links. The VR Composer App does not protect the intellectual ownership of your creations in any way. When you want to stop sharing your content, you can remove it at the shared location. This will break the link and prevent new downloads of this content. Content already downloaded will remain visible to the users who downloaded it until they clear the download cache.

5. Final note

The goal of this App is for you to have fun with VR and share your creations with others. We hope you will enjoy using this App.